Tuesday Bluesday

This morning has not gone as planned. Noelle and I were up and ready to head out early - we needed to take Travis' car for emission testing and get the renewal stickers for the tags. I had all planned to head out as early as possible - the car doesn't have air conditioning and it's just miserable to be in if it gets too late in the day. Noelle is loaded in her car seat, I've got the paperwork, and we find that the car is locked and the door key is with Travis at work. He could bring home the key at lunchtime but by then it would be too hot to get out and run our errand. Normally I wouldn't mind being stuck home without a car (or car key), but I really wanted to get this over with. Getting the tags taken care of is one of my least favorite jobs, but it's either that or a ticket.

I was reading a post on vnxmom's page this morning and it has me thinking. She was writing about how we need to challenge ourself to test those things which we puzzle over and question about against the Word of God. How can I make a scripturally based decision if I haven't even bothered to see what the Scriptures say? God pricked me reading this post.

I don't spend near enough time reading the Bible. Unless I have a Bible study assignment due or I have to prepare for something, I don't stop to read the Word. Lady_Ashley_of_Randomness has been posting about the books of the Bible that she is reading. I'm not sure the last time I just read a book of the Bible for no reason.

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2004 was to read the 4 gospels this year. Funny how I can't get time to do that, but I have time for so many other projects. God's trying to get my attention again her because on Sunday at church, we are starting a series on the Life of Christ - going through the gospels simultaniously and comparing the accounts in each of them in the life of Christ. Hmmmm, coincidence? I think not.

God has given us His Son - the exact, most personal representation of His nature that we have. Jesus became flesh and came to earth was to explain the Father to us and open up a way to the Father Himself. He is the Word. That, if nothing else, should compel me to want to spend time with Him in His Word and get to know more about Him.


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