Our Other Two Babies

At the request of lbtran, I'm posting some pictures of our other two babies, Sam & Jenny, 7 month old Huskies. Enjoy. :-)

The day we got them, New Year's Day - Jenny is the gray & black and Sam is the sable/reddish blond.

So small . . . so innocent.

Noelle thinks Sam makes a great pillow!

Jenny & Baa . . . baaaaaaad Jenny.

Sam & Elmo . . . baaaaaaad Sam.

A man and his dogs.


  1. They are soo cute, especially the photo of them sleeping as puppies. Big Awww, with that one.

  2. Aww, gorgeous dogs! I have always loved thier eyes. But they get too big for me. LOL That is great that they are so good with Noelle.

  3. Anonymous12:09 AM

    oh good day for a first visit!
    love the dogs--my mom has a siberian that is sweet (read spoiled) as anything!

    thanks for all the nice comments on my blog
    and FYI-Nashville tn born and bred, relocated to florida after getting married.
    Met my hubby at David Lipscomb University and got married at the Opryland Hotel!


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