Little bits of this and that...

I've been on the run today. Finally took a breather to check email and etc. Went to the paper store to pick up the embossing plate and so must finish the wedding invitation envelopes this evening and/or tomorrow. Travis is going over to a friend's house tonight to play cards with "the guys" so it seems like the perfect opportunity to pop in a movie and finish this up. After Noelle is in bed, of course - what a total mess there would be if she was helping me with the embossing! :-)

Oh, before I forget! Special mention of Tammy - she is the latest entry into my guest map Hall of Fame. Check out her site - she has a son named Wally who makes me smile. He is ALL boy. Sign up, sign up and you too can have your moment in the spotlight. :-)

This weekend seems especially busy. I have a baby shower in the a.m., and we have a 30th birthday party to attend in the p.m. Then Sunday, it's birthday lunch for my sister at my folks' house. BBQ ribs - my Dad is the grill master. Yummmmmmm.

Also found out that we are taking a trip to Houston in about 3 weeks. Travis' job is sending him there for the month of August to co-lead a training for his company. He'll fly out on Monday mornings and back home on Friday nights, but will be for 4 weeks straight. Noelle and I are going to go with him the first week. Two of my best friends from college live in the Houston area and both have had babies in the last 9 months like me. We've been wishing we could get together and let our babies meet and God orchestrated this! It will be interesting to see how well I handle the following three weeks. We've never been separated since we were married for more than 2-3 days. I will try and refrain from too many "woe is me" entries. After he gets done with the Houston leg of the training, he'll be home for 2 weeks and then there is the possibility that he will be sent to Phoenix to help with two more weeks of training.

I'll end with a quote from Heather's site that I read last night. It made me smile.

"Encourangement is to friendship what confetti is to a party. It's light, refreshing, and fun, and you always end up finding little pieces of it stuck to you later." (page 135, Fresh Brewed Life, Nicole Johnson)


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