Looking Up

It's amazing how much better my attitude is today. A little sleep, a little Diet Coke, and all that. I'm blaming it on a slight hormonal imbalance, etc., etc. Noelle and I got out got the emission testing done this morning, but still managed to run into a snag at the County Clerk's office - because my sister and brother-in-law gave us the car (big family car swap happenings) we have to fill out a gift form or pay over $100 in sales tax on the car. Ick. Gotta hook up with Kathy today and get those papers signed.

Speaking of Kathy,

Happy Birthday to my sister - 30 + 1 years old!!!

My Mom and I are taking her to lunch at Chili's today. Air conditioned restaurant, free drink refills, it will be great. :-)

Off to feed the munchkin. I want to write a post soon (maybe later today) about my neighbors Tito and Kathryn. They crack me up and have pretty much adopted Travis and me as surrogate parents.


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