This afternoon, while I was trying to clean Noelle up in her highchair, she started saying "Ma Ma Ma Ma" over and over and lifting up her hands. It took me a minute to realize that she was saying MaMa! All of a sudden I stopped wiping and said, "Are you saying MaMa?" and she just grinned. I realize she might not be actually saying MaMa to me, but she definiately has the sound down now. Huge burst of love for my girl while she was grinning at me.

I've given up trying to feed her anything with a spoon for right now. She wants to feed herself so badly with the spoon that she screams and flails when I try to get food in her mouth. If I can't feed it to her in little pieces on her tray, I'm not feeding it to her right now. At lunch, at the end of her meal, I gave her a little bit of applesauce in a bowl and a spoon and let her have at it. It was a mess! She does pretty well at getting the spoon to her mouth, but does NOT want me to take the spoon to help her get more food on it. Major screaming ensues. We've been eating a of kiwi which she loves, peas, cut up pancakes, cheerios and other things. I'm trying to introduce meat, but so far the only thing she has shown an interest in is chicken.

Off to get some work done - I've been fighting with my printer all day and just needed a brain break!


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