Back in the Swing...

I have such a hard time refocusing after a few days of play. My mind feels like mush. Good mush, but still mush. And, in spite of that, I've still be rather productive today thus far. I ran an errand across town to pick up paper for the wedding invitations I am making for someone, hit the grocery store on the way home, and then vacuumed the house and mopped the kitchen floor. By then Noelle was ready for lunch and a nap so this afternoon hasn't been as fast paced. I did some church work - made reservations for the youth group, plus us chaperones, to go white water rafting at the end of the month. I'm not terribly excited about the trip. I'm not that great of a swimmer so hurtling downstream in a boat with nothing to restrain me sounds mildly unpleasant. The last time I went rafting/canoeing (where the main purpose of the outing seems to be to see how many times you and your boat can get dumped over) I made sure I rode with the guy who was paddling the lunch down the river. No one wanted to mess with him. I stayed nice and dry and fairly sunburned. I'm a chicken. :-)

Noelle has been so cute lately. I think she is trying to say "uh-oh." I've been saying it to her for a while when she drops something or I drop something. Now when she drops Baa over the side of the crib, I'll her this "Uh!", but no "oh." It's so cute. We have her 9 month appointment tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to find out what she is weighing and how much taller she has gotten. She seems like she has grown at least a couple inches. I watch her reach up to shelves that I didn't even know she could get to and pull stuff off. Poor girl has to have a few shots, too, but her Daddy's coming to the appointment with us. He handles the shots better that I do. I just cry along with Noelle. :-)


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