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At the moment the house is quiet. I seem to have convinced Noelle that it is not in her best interest to keep throwing Baa over the side of the crib if she really wants to take a nap. A few tears, hugs, and kisses later and she's out like a light. How blessed am I to spend my day with my sweet girl!

On the home front, the house smells like cinnamon. Yum. I tried a new recipe for cinnamon rolls and they sure smell good! They aren't pretty, but it was my first time making them and I had to improvise with my dough. I also baked a loaf of bread this morning for some new neighbors. They moved in about a month or so ago and we are finally getting around to going over and introducing ourselves. Shame on us.

Yesterday I finished laying out the wedding invitations I'm putting together for a friend. Here's what they should look like:

The cool thing is that the photos on the front were taken by my Dad and the horses and chickens belong to the bride and groom. The pictures on are a piece of cream vellum that is over the actual wedding invitation. You can't see the little ribbon tie at the top very well.

I need to go get stuff ready for our monthly church staff meeting in the morning. Other than the meeting, Travis and I have little planned for the weekend. Maybe fit in a trip to the library, Target, but not much else. Happy weekend!


  1. Hello there Stephanie. Nice to make your acquaintenance. You visited my site
    To answer your question, yes I also hail from Nashville. Nice to meet another Nashvillian. Wacky small world isn't it? Thanks for visiting my site! Your invitation looks great.


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