A Confession...

I don't like reading non-fiction.

I have a HUGE list of books (non-fiction) that I want to read. They sound fascinating, challenging, inspiring, et al, but as soon as I open the book and curl up, I immediately start nodding off. Has my brain atrophied so much from singing songs about dry diapers and VeggiesTales that I can't handle anything heavier? I was a history major in college - I know how to plow through the dry and dull and survive.

I'm stil working my way through C.S. Lewis' autobiography Surprised by Joy. It's a book my husband recommended, one I am eager to read. But, when I finally get it out I make it through a chapter if I'm lucky and then I'm dozing.

In contrast, I can sit and read half of the new John Grisham book (which I finally got from my sister) in one sitting without so much of an eyelid flutter.

Maybe I should take notes and read with a highlighter in my hand. That worked in college.

So....help! Inspire me. What are must-read non-fiction books (I can give you plenty of must-read fiction books in return - an idea for a future post?) Here's a few of the non-fiction books on my list - tell me what I need to add to it! And feel free to gasp in horror at what I have/haven't read.

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis
Do You Think I'm Beautiful, Angela Thomas
Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer
Hinds Feet in High Places

In other completely unrelated news . . . girl dog Jenny is molting. She's starting to lose her long puppy fur and her short adult Husky fur is underneath. She looks like she has mange or something. Travis has even tried vacuuming her to get the hair to come out faster. I'm trying to set a world record on how many times a day I can vacuum. I just can't put Noelle down on the floor when it's covered in dog hair. Eeewww.

9 month appointment this afternoon. Will update with her remarkable progress probably tomorrow.


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