All Done!

They are done! All 300 wedding invitations, reply cards and little direction sheets! The only thing left is to emboss the return address on the envelope and I'm still waiting to get the plate from the paper store. Yeah!

Hey, just a thought . . . if you are visiting my page here and have never signed my guestbook, would you take a second and sign in? I'd love to be able to see where folks are visiting from around the globe. And, in an idea stolen from Kara, I would be happy to give mucho publicity to new signees and try to direct traffic your way! :-) Speaking of Kara *hint, hint* visit her page and check her out.

Off to get the house cleaned and picked up a bit before Travis gets home from work. I've got a women's Bible study to go to tonight and Travis is staying home with the kiddo. We're studying Ruth, chapter 3 this week.

I would like to issue the disclaimer that it is her Daddy that drinks Mountain Dew, not me. But it was so cute, I couldn't help but get a picture! :-)


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Where in TN are you? I actually have a friend named Stephanie in Nashville. LOL! I thought you were her for a moment.

  2. That age is SO precious!!! What a great picture. :-D


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