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My plans for getting out this morning before it got too hot have taken a slight detour - Noelle crashed out in her pack-n-play! If she falls asleep on her back you know she is tired (or not feeling good). We just had a quick run to Kroger planned for more formula. I need to get Travis' car emission tested and get his tags updated, but I'm definitely not doing that unless I can go first thing in the morning. His car still has no airconditioning, but it's not a huge inconvenience anymore since mine is now working. He works literally 5 minutes from home and for that quick drive to and fro, the car wouldn't even be cooled off by the time he got home.

Another moment to say something great about my husband . . . he's working on building me a website for my invitation & custom printing business I'm trying to build up out of the home. It's not running yet, but it will be called *drum roll* Pun'kin Press. He surprised me this morning with the start of the site and what he's going to put together. :-)

I have a lot of projects in the works for my little business, but it sure would be nice if some of them were paying jobs! :-) Right now, I just finished some baby thank you cards for my sister, I'm putting together wedding shower invitations for a girl at church (I'm helping with the shower so it's a freebie), and up next is putting together my sister's baby announcements. Actually the announcements are mostly done, I just need a baby so I can get weight/height/birth day, etc. The stuff that folks actually want to know!

In other unrelated news, it looks like our women's Bible study is going to do 1 Samuel this fall. Last year (if you don't know), we trooped through Joshua, Judges, and this summer we are doing a slightly sporadic look at the book of Ruth. I just ordered a copy of the book for our leader so she can start looking at it, and it's gotten me all excited about getting back into the swing of fall - Bible study, our Community Group will start back up (the adult fellowship we go to once a week while Awana is going on at church) and stuff. This summer has been a nice break from busyness. We have had no weekly commitments at all this summer for the first time in I don't know how long. It has been refreshing...

And lastly, the official first word from Noelle . . . ."Daaa!" She spotted Travis in the bathroom yesterday morning and bounced up saying, "Daa! Daa!" Very cute.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    What a cute name for you business! Good Luck with the venture.


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