April Meal Plan

To be honest, I am not in the mood to make an April meal plan. However, tomorrow is our once-a-month shopping day and I need to be prepared. I have a feeling this menu may get a shake-up as we go through the next 4 weeks, but I have a jump-start on it. (You can download April's menu here.)

What do you do when nothing in your cookbooks or menu plan sounds good to you? I have found from past experience that sometimes, for the sake of being organized, I have to plow through the planning part. By the time it comes to make the meal, I've usually moved past the mental block and am thankful that I did the work beforehand. And, there is a lot of grace in the menu. While I have the meals scheduled for certain nights, with the exception of my crockpot meals which are scheduled on ballet day, I can rotate and shuffle as needed.

So thankful to have that task off my list for this Friday. Off to read a few minutes while I have some of the girls' rest time left!

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  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    This is a great reminder that life is simpler when things are planned out in advance.

    Why don't I learn this?

    I may have to cave in and do a month of menu planning myself. We did actually plan out the week, and that was pretty exciting. The kids knew what to expect each night. Yes, you're providing a gentle reminder of the strengths of planning plus flexibility and grace.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Hi TN Coffee friend!
    Hope you have a great week.
    I need to look at your menu download. We try to make it to Sam's once a month. What do you do about milk and fruit? I am so impressed with your once a month shopping.

  3. I usually plan two weeks at a time, and am getting back to it this weekend as part of my "new me" plan. Hopefully I can sponge off your plan to make mine easier.

  4. A whole month at a time...I'm very impressed...I find every two weeks difficult to figure out meals!

  5. do you use many rachel ray recipes? her recipes seem fairly busy-mom friendly.

  6. I am terrible at making menus - or rather, I'm terrible at STICKING to menus. This gives me a nudge at trying again. :)

  7. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I need to work on this week menu too. Only weekly ones work for us it seems. Thanks for the links/ideas.

  8. I'm reading Company Girls a little late. :)

    That's impressive that you even have a meal plan!! I hope I'm like that when I have kids. That's impressive that you have only one shopping day a month!


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