Spring Fling ::: 2009 Version

A couple years ago, the girls and I invited a few friends over for a little Easter egg coloring party. At the time, I wasn't really sure how it was going to work out, but it turned out so much fun! Honestly, I was not looking forward to coloring eggs with the girls because it can be so messy, but throw in some other mamas and several more kids to play with when it's all done, and it can be a great time.

I wasn't able to have a get together last year so we are very excited to have friends over in a couple weeks to color eggs with us! I made some SIMPLE Spring invitations that would work for any kind of a spring get-together and that I can use again next year if I don't have time to come up with something new. (If you are wanting to get together with friends in the next few weeks to celebrate Spring, feel free to download and use ... for personal use only). :)

Next up is planning the menu ... last time we had pb & j and ham sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit kabobs, and a chocolate bunny cake. Very easy and kid friendly. I'm trying to decide whether to just repeat the menu or come up with some new ideas. Any thoughts? What are some of your favorite kid friendly party foods? I am pretty sure I'm not going to do the bunny cake and do something smaller (individualized) like cupcakes, but that's as far as I've gotten.

Do you have any family spring celebrations? I mentioned in my last low spend/no spend post that we got the girls a few little "first day of spring" goodies instead of doing Easter baskets. (We've not ever done Easter baskets, but I liked the idea of a few new toys for the backyard now that the weather is getting nicer). I planning on making Resurrection rolls with the girls on Easter weekend and am putting together some Easter and spring book lists that I want to rummage the library for. My girls are still little enough that we are still in the try-and-see stage of family traditions ... try it out this year and see if it's a good fit for the family. If we like it, it may hang around, and if not we'll try something new next year! :)


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