Simple Woman's Daybook ::: March 9

Outside my Window ... it is beautiful. (Sorry, Pattie). :) The weather is supposed to get into the 70*s again today, and while they are forecasting rain, the skies are blue, blue.

I am thinking
... of things green (St. Patrick's Day plans), of coloring eggs, and numerous spring things.

I am thankful for ... good health, time this week to get done what needs to get done (if I'm a good steward of my time), friends that will be coming into town this weekend.

In the learning room ... I'm working on pulling together some St. Patrick's Day things for next week. I'm also putting together a list of books I want to search for at the library on Easter and springtime. It's time to put away our winter/snow books!

From the kitchen ...

: easy beef tips (crockpot) over rice, salad
Tuesday: chicken soft tacos (crockpot), lettuce, tortillas, etc., fruit
Wednesday: quesadillas
Thursday: BBQ keilbasa, corn, something green?
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: Church Homecoming Dinner! Catered meal! Someone else cooking! :)

I am creating ... a few goodies for some friends that have been tested and stretch of late. Just a few spring-like reminders that He makes all things new again in His time. What a promise.

I am going ... in circles! :) Not really, but this week is busy. Today takes us to the dentist for N1 (and where I will hopefully duck the question of when I am coming back in again...)

I am wearing ... knee length denim skirt, red (bandana-y print) shirt

I am reading
... Mrs. Sharp's book ... perusing the chapters on March and April right now. I have several books on hold at the library that we'll pick up tomorrow so I'm not sure what I'll start next.

I am hoping ... for a wonderful weekend with church friends as we celebration 20 years of God's goodness. Hoping that all the logistical pieces come together, that no one gets sick, and for a testimony of God's faithfulness and just all sorts of fun seeing old friends.

I am hearing
... the washing machine and dryer, birds chirping like crazy outside, little girls running in and out the back door up to all sorts of good mischief.

Around the house ... today is laundry day and there is so much today ... we must have gone through an extra amount of clothes at the end of last week. Crazy.

One of my favorite things
... good news about my husband's job in the midst of uncertainty.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
so many good things, well, other than today's dentist appointment run (but N1 is looking forward to it so that's good!) :) Tomorrow the girls and I are making a day of it with a bunch of errands - Sam's (to order Homecoming cakes), the library, lunch with Grandma and Aunt, dance class, etc. Wednesday is Bible study. Thursday and Friday look very light on the calendar right now - purposefully so as I will be busy pulling together the last pieces for our weekend. Oh - and our church worship CD is set to arrive here on Thursday ... I can't wait to see it! :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...

Obviously I'm not the only one enjoying this great weather!

March 5, 2009

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  1. i imagine it must be awful to try to wrangle two little ones in the dentist office waiting room!

  2. Well, you are one of my most delightful friends, so I'll forgive you your I see snow...

  3. Ooo yes, I'm trying to think of something fun to do for St. Patty's Day. Any ideas?


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