Little Bits

  • Sitting outside with my girls this morning. The temp is hovering around 60* with a promise of 70* later today. The girls are hard at work bottling up sand in all the empty jars and bottles around the house. They have a plan, of sorts, and I'm just excited that we're all outside enjoying this weather.
  • Made these breakfast pizza muffins this morning. YUM. I ended up leaving out the green peppers because I have little girls that balk at green things in their food, and I may add them the next time anyway. 
  • I uploaded my March menu plan on the computer today. Last month I had a beautifully planned February menu (for an especially busy month for our family) and about 10 days into the month I lost it. *insert gasp of horror here* So this month, I'm planning ahead with a backup copy online. I can relax now. (I don't know that my menu is anything brilliant, but you are welcome to download it). :)
  • I just finished a great book ... A Miracle for St. Cecilia. If you are a fan of the Mitford series or Miss Read it's totally worth checking out. Small town, small church, salt of the earth people. My kind of book. (And there is four more books in the series for me to explore = bliss.)
  • Callapidder Days is gearing up for the 2009 Spring Reading thing. I thoroughly enjoy this read-along every year and need to get to work on my list. I don't know that I've ever finished my list completely, but I love making lists and this reminds to be purposeful and spending a little time reading daily.

Have a wonderful Friday. :)

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  1. Many thanks for the book recommendations! I am always looking for a new great read...I am re-reading "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn. What an amazing piece of fiction!

  2. Oh my Tennessee coffee friend! I am loving the weather today!!
    I love the Mitford series, but I am not in a reading season. I'll file it away for later.
    Happy Friday!!!

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Your breakfast pizza muffin recipe looks great. I just tried a Racheal Ray pizza dough recipe last week and have made good use of it since. I think it will make it on the menu at least once a week.

  4. You are one of my favorite reads....always inspired by your organization and transparency...and I am glad you're sharing your family has so loved them!

  5. I LOVE book series! My favorite was Francine River's Mark of Lion series. I could not put them down--even though they were heavy enough to be door stops. I've never read the Mitford Series. But I am excited to check them out. Thank you for opening your place up to us company girls!

  6. Oh, I must look look for this series....I just absolutely LOVE the Mitford series! Thanks for letting us know!

  7. Thanks for the book series idea. I'm always looking for a good read! Of course, I have 5 books on my night stand half read right's a terrible habit of mine to have multiple books going at once!

    Have a great day!

  8. Couple of things...first, what do you do on Sundays? And do you eat leftovers for lunches? I'm finding it quite boring to do sandwiches every day for lunch, but we are able to spread meals throughout the week with leftovers instead of eating them for lunch.

  9. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Just looked at your menu plan. We love quesadilla...we even have a quesadilla from our wedding...haha, don't know why. Thanks for the book suggestion. My refreshment is a little reading before I head to sleep at night, and I really missed that last year as we adjusted to living in our new home, and a little girl who kept me quite busy.


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