Low Spend/No Spend - Week 4 (The Last Week)


Maybe it's just because I've been doing this for a month now, but the last two weeks were definitely easier than the first two. It also helped that I had a couple weeks of very limited out-side-the-house activity. The rundown looks like this:

Sunday, 3/22 - $0

Monday, 3/23 - $0

Tuesday, 3/24 - I didn't even withdraw cash this week ... I had a little check from work that I just cashed instead of depositing and worked off that for the week. No withdraws from the bank account made me happy. :)

Wednesday, 3/25 - $0

Thursday, 3/26 - $0

Friday, 3/27 - around $30 (but I'm not really sure). We went out to dinner with some good friends and ate at Applebees. They had a super special - two dinners plus an appetizer for $20 and there was so much food!

Saturday, 3/21 - $0 (I'm not counting the massive grocery run since that's techinically our monthy food run for April). :)

Another good week ... finding that I do better at the end of the month rather than at the beginning. Now the goal will be to see if I can curb some of that the first two weeks of April. Overall, I saw some improvement in my careless spending, but I can see this is an area that I need to pay more attention to ... especially as throughout this project, I've been inspired to start doing some saving (on my own) towards a goal. We have a 10 year anniversary coming up (in 3 years so it's not terribly soon), but I want to do something special and doing my part to help save for it now seems to be a great first step. :)


  1. This is such a great idea! Kuddos to you!

  2. Love you doing this... definitely made me think twice before stopping for lunch or goodies!!!


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