No Spend/Low Spend Challenge ::: Week 2


Sunday, 3/8 - $0

Monday, 3/9 - $0

Tuesday, 3/10 - $50 cash withdrawal ... ouch. Some of this is for my Bible study babysitting (about $6) the rest is for a babysitter we have to have on Saturday. There is a reason that we don't get a babysitter very often!

Wednesday, 3/11 - $42 ... replaced a few clothing items at Walmart. I love new clothes ... I hate spending money on new clothes. Which is why I wait until I'm well past the point that I need to replace something.

Thursday, 3/12 - $0

Friday, 3/13 - $40 ... haircut.

Saturday, 3/14 - $15 ... lunch out for me and the husband (and paying the aforementioned babysitter from the cash on Tuesday).

I might come back and break down more of this, but I'm still recovering from my big weekend with our church and a really ROUGH Sunday night with the girls (now THAT is a story that I am too tired to blog right now). :)


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