Friday Felicities ::: March 12 (in pictures)

737178547_9b171bda7c_o.jpg image by herdofsteph

Things that make me happy...

chocolate ... brownies!

a little girl that made breakfast eggs all by herself

scrapbooking, even though I'm not doing nearly enough of it to suit me right now

hard work coming to fruition ... info here

having the hair straightened by someone else (along with a little trim) :)

a delicious new baby that is perfectly adorable

this one that is going to be the death of me ... so thankful for her but that doesn't stop me from predicting that she will be the first trip that we have to take to the ER someday

and this cheesy silly girl, even with her stopped up nose and sweet little hoarse voice

Are you thankful and happy for anything? Link up at Becky's. :)
Also crossposted with my Company Girl's update for the week ... just a few of the events of this week that I'm sharing with you all. :)


  1. Great job!! I loved it!!

  2. that picture of noelle make eggs is so beautiful!

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    brownies and baby...yay! i like the scrapbook page.

  4. Happy Friday fellow TN girl!!

  5. Hello Company Girl! Can we *ever* get enough Scrapbooking to suit us?!!! Love the eggs picture, by the way. Very sweet! Have a great weekend, and thanks for the coffee!

  6. Any list that starts with chocolate is sure to be a good one! Great photos...they are all so adorable.

    I never have scrapped....shame on me. But I'm such a perfectionist that I knew it would land me in a mental hospital to even start.

    The straight hair looks cute! Is it a lot of work? Seems like I remember your hair being pretty curly...and a lot of it! In a good way!

  7. I'm with Rachel Anne - any list that starts with chocolate...!! I love your list. Thanks for the coffee!


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