No Spend/Low Spend Update #1

Can we just call this week a do-over? The forces (and myself) were against me. Here's the run-down...

Sunday, 3/1: $0. Well, I take that back. :) I would have spent $0, but my husband was finishing up our church's worship CD (on sale! this week! buy one!) and mixing and mastering. I went in to check on him and see if needed anything ... he needed a coke in a bad way. :) So, Betsy-Boo and I headed to Kroger with some caffinated sustinance for the husband. (Spend around $20 while there, but I'm going to consider this groceries).

Monday, 3/2: $0

Tuesday, 3/3: $10 - made a cash withdrawl today. I have Bible study on Wednesday and we all pitch in for babysitting. It will be interesting to see how long I can make what I don't spend last.

Wednesday, 3/4:
  • out of yesterday's $10, I spent $6 on babysitting for Bible study.
  • $17.64 at McDonalds. *gasp* Totally not a planned expenditure. We had someone working at the house and they weren't done when I got home from Bible study. I needed to kill another hour with the girls and it was lunchtime, ergo, we went to "Old McDonald's" as they like to call it.
  • $2 for a Route 44 at Sonic. Spend from my leftover cash from Bible study. Sort of forgot about the "no spend thing."
    Off to a good start this first week, hmm?
Thursday, 3/5: $0

Friday, 3/6: $10 for some spring cards for an egg coloring party that I'm having for my girls in a few weeks. Trying to get a jump start on my planning, but I totally could have waited. Bad me.

Saturday, 3/7: $14.97 at the Parent-Teacher Store and $12.09 at Target. On one hand, as most women can attest, to get out of Target for only $12 shows great restraint, so I am giving myself points for that. :) However, I can do better!!

All in all, not so hot for my first week. However, I am going to try again, and I think in all, I did make some changes. I only got one Diet Coke while I was out running around over the course of a week and those add up. This week ... take two! :)


  1. whenever i have cash it always ends up being spent on food/coffee beverages! the envelope system just does not work in a world of debit cards and automatic bill pay lol.

  2. I just started following your blog and it has already been a blessing. Thank you. I really like the idea of posting my daily expenses. Will try to start this week!
    Thank you again!


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