Tuesday Randomocity ... on Shopping for Girls

Yesterday the girls and I went to buy summer sandals for everyone. Everyone under the age of 6. (New flipflops for me will have to wait until another day!) Up until this year, I've made by with hand-me-down shoes and consignment shoes and we've done fine. However, this year, N1 needed both sneakers and sandals and we've had a hard time finding shoes at for her at some of our favorite 2nd hand stops. She's also getting to an age that she wears out her shoes and really needs to start with a fairly new pair to get any good out of them. (And for us to have any hopes of handing them down). The little two also needed new sandals as their 2nd and 3rd generation hand-me-downs couldn't go on any further.

All that to say, all I bought yesterday was little girl shoes and I am glad that we don't do that often. Ouch. I remember right before Travis and I were married, I told him that girls were expensive ... meaning me. Everything a girl needs seems to cost more than a boy - underclothes (of all sorts!), shoes, haircuts. Everything. I think I was warning myself of that as well. N1 also needs some new summer clothes as she will not quit growing. :) I've found her several consignment dresses, but she needs some good play shorts and the ones I've seen are just TOO short! I found one skirt/short at Walmart that I snatched up and if they had had more than the one pair in her size I would have bought two or three. Target has all sorts of cute bermuda shorts but they seem awfully expensive. Or maybe it's just me? It could just be the shock of now having to buy her some things.

That's about all I have for today. :) I have an email inbox that I WILL be tackling at some point. We're also going to get out and go to the library shortly (free books, yea!) and eat lunch with Grandma and Aunt Kathy. Have a good Tuesday!


  1. yes girls are more expensive than boys -- but I hear you with the shoes and growing girls -- both of my boys need new shoes I only get new ones for them because they are SO HARD on them and hand-me-downs just DO NOT LAST long enough. Alli needs new summer clothes, I have a hard time fitting her too.

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Children's Place has bermudas this season. They are too expensive right now ($14, I think), but they will go on sale soon, I'm sure. I hope bermudas stay in style for a long, long time!

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I know what you mean, Stephanie! My eldest has a wide foot to boot (HA!), so we've had to shell out the really big bucks for Stride Rites.

    Feelin' your pain!

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    If you e-mail me your address, I would love to pass some of my little girls clothing on to you! (:

  5. Oops! My e-mail address is couchpotatoes6@earthlink.net

  6. Gosh! Now I'm scared! If this one is a girl, I sure hope I can do it cheaply.

    I am also finding it hard to keep clothing decent to pass down to Bubbie. And then things of Bubbie that have now been through 2 kiddos, aren't getting to where they could not survive another one too. Gosh! All this talk of clothing makes me tired! :)

    Glad y'all have been able to hand-me-down and get by at thrift stores!

  7. i cant believe you are reading The Secret Garden to your girls! there is a video version of that book that i used to looooove. after take children's lit in the fall .. the novel has rather lost its charm. BUT you should try and find the 90s version of the movie .. the costumes/scenery = amazing!

  8. also it is REALLY hard for me to imagine buying kids' clothing .. er, recognizing what is "expensive." compared to adult sizes, everything seems cheap! lol.


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