Worthy of Praise

Worthy of Praise - Christ Fellowship Music Team

You can listen to clips from our church's worship CD at the link above. :) If you
really want to know, I wrote tracks #1 & #10. :)

If anyone is interested in one, you can order a copy from me for $11.68 (and that includes 1st class shipping). You can send me an email at the link over on the left.

Other places you can get a copy:

DigStation. Use this site to download .mp3 files and incorporate them into your digital music library. Album is $9.99, tracks are $0.99 each. Available 3/12/09. This is the link for samples above.

iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. Through CDBaby our music will be distributed to these online download retailers and many others. Album will be $10.99, tracks will be $0.99 each. Available at the end of March.

We truly hope God is glorified in this project. :)


  1. Buy this CD! It rocks!!!

  2. Does your church get a bigger cut of one or the other of the different formats? I can do several of them, but would like to be sure your church gets the most bang for the buck!


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