Low Spend/No Spend Challenge - Week 3


Sunday, 3/15 - $0

Monday, 3/16 - $0

Tuesday, 3/17 - $20 cash withdrawal for my Bible study babysitting and this was my limit on expenses for the week.

Wednesday, 3/18 - $0

Thursday, 3/19 - $0

Friday, 3/20 - $17 (bought the girls a few first day of spring things for outside play - it's been beautiful the last couple of days ... this year I decided to try doing a few little goodies for the 1st day of spring as opposed to going back and forth about Easter baskets. I'm liking this new tradition!)

Saturday, 3/21 - $0

A good week ... but to be truthful, I rarely left the house this week. :) Amazing how much better one does on their spending, hmm?


  1. BTW, I haven't said so yet but I really admire and appreciate this challenge that you are on! This is awesome! I haven't kept track of my spending like this but it's a useful and good idea!

  2. I was going to do this this week, because I had seen it on your post last week. But I've been somewhere every day. I didn't spend money yesterday which was good and probably won't on Friday, but we've just been going, going, going and sometimes that costs a lot more than just staying in!


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