Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Reading with Your Children // Day 19


Read biographies with your children!

I was reminded this weekend at the homeschool seminar I attended that one of the best ways to immerse your kids in history is to read biographies to them. While they are learning about the exciting life of someone quite different from them (and usually someone that persevered amidst great trials), they are getting the flavor of the time period when that person lived. Without much work, they will be picking up on different facts about the era - modes of transportation, what the clothes were like, how people traveled, what they ate, etc. And, some of these folks are just plain interesting. : )

A few suggestions, of course.

Read about missionaries:

Read about artists:

Read about composers:

Read about historical figures:

Read about people that have overcome huge obstacles:


Do you have any favorite biographies that you have read (or want to read) with your children? Please share!

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