10 on the 10th - May

Happy Mother's Day! I thought for my 10 I would do something with a Mother's Day theme ... I'm going to split my 10 and share five things that I enjoy doing WITH and ABOUT my children, and five things I enjoy doing WITHOUT my children. :)

1. I enjoy reading aloud to my girls ... I try to say yes anytime they ask me to read to them, I enjoy it that much. I'm thrilled that we are reading chapter books now ... our lunch time reading is Little House on the Prairie and we are all loving it!

2. I don't mind changing diapers at all and enjoy the few minutes it get to slow down with a child. Really, I do. It has been a rare occasion that I have passed one changing one - usually involving a first trimester of some kind and nausea. I even do cloth diapers when able and love it. :)

3. I love taking my girls to the library (related to #1). :) We have our routine there and the girls know where everything is.

4. I love it that I am the only one that knows exactly how their blankets needed to be folded and fluffed at bedtime. And that they are at a great stage where they all insist on a kiss and hug.

5. I recently taught them a song/prayer to sing before meals and I love hearing them sing it in their 5, 3 and 2 year old voices. "God our Father, God our Father, once again, once again, we bow our head and thank You, bow our head and thank You, amen, amen."

And for those things I enjoy doing without munchkins...

6. Going to Panera Bread/Starbucks/Baja Fresh and getting a coffee/frappachino/diet coke and sitting with book and/or journal by myself.

7. Buying them little treats at the store that they don't expect and surprising them with them.

8. Scrapbooking.

9. Listening to music that is not written about ladybugs, disney characters, or how big I am growing. :)

10. Going to a bookstore and walking the aisles, browsing the magazines, and probably picking up a book that I know they would love and making a mental note to check the library for it the next time we go.

Thank you Lord for these sweet girls and for the changes that you are prompting in me as their Mama. Thank you for the grace you bestow on me each day as I mess up and try again as I parent and for my husband to stand along with me and lead our family. You are great and greatly to be praised!

For more 10 on the 10th, head over to Mer's. And, again, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. GREAT timing for a mothering post, huh?

    I love that you love the library and reading to your kids. Me too!

    And even when you're away from your kids doing something you love, it sounds like you're always thinking of them. So sweet!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Craig and I take turns putting the kids to bed and I always smile when it's his turn and they yell out "where's my kiss from MAMA!?"

  3. Ooh, the bookstore. I could spend hours in there...somewhere other than at the train table even.

  4. Beautiful post. You are doing such a good job with your little ones. We love to read together still (ages nearly 11 and nearly13), so keep it up. :)

  5. I love these things too. I love to read and I was also thrilled to finally be able to read chapter books.
    Time away from the kids makes time with them even sweeter.

  6. Great Mother's Day post. We love reading in our family and love the library. I also don't mind changing diapers and change almost all of the really bad ones around here by choice. Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Hi! I'm hopping over from Mer's 10.

    I absolutely loved your list. We are a homeschooling family and reading is one of the things we love the MOST!! :)

    I enjoy many of your "without" kid things...especially the part about listenting to grown up songs...made me laugh out loud!!

  8. Sorry, I'm notorious for editing my own comments. Please minus that extra "t" in listening!! :)

  9. Great list!!

    I love that even your "without" things mostly involve your children in some way.

    The only thing you lost me on was the whole liking to change diapers thing....kudos to you!

    Happy Mother's Day!!


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