Such a sweet book for a Father and son (or daughter, as in my case). :) Crocodaddy is the story of a dad and son playing at the pond. When the son looks in the water, he sees the fierce Crocodaddy! He tries catching the Crocodaddy, but it is toooo sneaky and keeps getting away. Finally, he (the son) catches his prey and enjoys a ride on Crocodaddy’s back. I love the imagination of the little boy – he actually “sees” the Crocodaddy in the water instead of his Daddy splashing around in his swim trunks.

The illustrations in this book are very soft and sweet. The book says the drawings are made from acrylics, but to me and my inexperienced eye, they look like water colors and perfectly match the colors and feel of the story.

This book would make a great gift from son to Dad on Father’s Day!

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    This book would make a great gift from son to Dad on Father’s Day!Oh, yes, absolutely! What a great suggestion. I'm glad you included that idea in your post.



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