Today's Daybook

Outside my Window ... sunshine! Sunshine! The weather has been in the high 60's/low 70's today ... practically perfect after a week and a half of rain. What a refreshing day!

I am thinking
... of some big plans that I have for June. More on this some other day. :)

I am thankful for ... a huge praise for a friend and her family in the way of a very timely job offer!

In the learning room ... we ordered the rest of N1's school supplies for next year. I can't wait to get my hands on them and start playing planning. :)

From the kitchen ...

Monday - Thursday: who knows! T is travelling for a few days and I am not planning any big dinners for the week. I'm going to make play it by ear (the girls have asked for chicken nuggets tonight, and we may eat in the backyard), and I'm going to make a few recipes that T doesn't care for that I love. Tonight: aisan pasta salad. Yum. :)
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: breakfast dinner.

I am creating ... the May Layout-a-Day project. Still plugging along.

I am going ... to have a quiet week. Today, the girls and I made a trip to the zoo. (I love that we have a pass and don't have to kill ourselves to see everything everytime we go). Tomorrow is our dance class day, but the rest of the week is free and clear. I am thrilled.

I am wearing
... black capris and a blue tshirt.

I am reading
... some books from the library that I want to return in the next week or so. I just finished up The Winding Way Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini and may start Hood by Steven Lawhead next. I'm thinking of taking a fiction fast for June and so I may or may not get these all read before then...

I am hoping ... for a good week with the girls. It's a rare thing that T travels for work so I want this to be a good week of girl activities and time together.

I am hearing
... the N's outside playing, BBoo is napping. I'm about to go outside and join the big girls.

Around the house ... just the regular upkeep. I need to weed the garden this week and spray it for bugs. (Something is eating my beans and must. be. stopped.)

One of my favorite things
... the zoo. I could stand and watch the animals forever if the girls didn't move me along. BBoo was so funny on this trip, too. It's the first time she's really noticed the animals and she was so funny. "Oh no! Monkey in da tree!"

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
reading, relaxing, weeding, sunning, sleeping, and waiting for T to get back home with us again.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...

Betsy Boo Turns Two (2 of 3)

The resident two-year old.


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