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The next month ... in summary:

This week (June 1 - 7): all about N1's dance recital. One day for pictures, one day for a dress rehearsal, the actual recital, etc.

June 8-12: VBS at church

June 12: Also the husband birthday which will need enthusiastic celebrating!

June 15-19: N2 is taking a 1 hour/day dance camp for the week. She has been a patient little trooper the past year watching N1 go to dance once a week. This is going to be so much fun for her ... she can hardly wait!

First week in July: family vacation to visit out of state family

Second week in July: husband travels for work to Arizona for the a week-ish

First of August: homeschooling starts for N1

... and have I mentioned that my husband has taken on leading worship at church on Sundays? Life is good and full and that means my part in it needs to be simple and uncomplicated so that I can make life simple and uncomplicated for my family. More on this on Monday ... :)


  1. I love those questions under June!

    How do I want to use them?
    How do I want to be used?

    I'm in great need of some re-alignment here myself!!

    OH I am so NOT thinking about school starting. Please don't make me!! :)


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