Friday Felicities for the end of May


Things that make me happy...

  • eating dinner on the deck outside
  • simple summer meals
  • blueberries!
  • hearing my 5yo read Green Eggs and Ham out loud
  • watching my husband step up to some new reponsibilities and being exceptionally proud as he approaches it with the same thoroughness as he does everything
  • my new grocery store form that I made (because I am a geek) and how I love it
  • having full cupboards and cabinets ... and a husband that stops at Walmart on the way home from work for the things I missed :)
  • having some time to hang out with our friend Henry this week (and his mom)!
  • an 11yo niece that is willing to change the leaky diaper while we are out grocery shopping :)


  1. I love full cupboards and cabinets too!

    Your list is great (in my opinion) because of it's simplicity!

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I love lists and full cupboards - I like to have everything stocked so if I want to try a new recipe, it doesn't involve a trip to the grocery store.


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