Kids' Picks :: Things That Are Most in This World & That's Good! That's Bad!


This week for Kids' Pick I pulled two books off the shelf that have gotten much love at our house since they showed up Christmas morning. Both my N's love them (ages 5 and 3).

That's Good! That's Bad! tells the tale of a little boy's trip to the zoo with his Dad and Mom. However, due to an unfortunate (or fortunate) series of events he gets separated from his parents and goes on a little journey through the jungle. As he encounters the different animals, what a child might think is a bad thing ... such as accidentally grabbing a giant vine only to find out that it was a long snake ... turns out to be good, not bad. I found out that there are sequels to this book: That's Good! That's Bad! in Washington D.C. and That's Good! That's Bad in the Grand Canyon (however, neither show up on Amazon.)
A clever book with silly drawing that is sure to be enjoyed by your preschooler or early elementary aged child. :) As a side note, I also found this neat parent resource for some fun learning activities to go along with this book.

Things That are Most in the World is another fun book that we discovered. Written by the author of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it's sequel, Pickles to Pittsburgh, this book shows the silly side of the "-est" ending to words. What is the quietest thing in the world? Why, a worm chewing on peanut butter! The stickiest? A 400,000-pound wad of bubble gum. With clever illustrations to showcase these "-est" extremes, my girls giggle their way through this book everytime they read it.

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  1. If you could find those DC or Grand Canyon books, that would be great for the field trip topic on Children's Classics!

    Looks fun.

  2. Great picks! I love them both!

  3. Some new books to me here! We LOVE "Each Peach Pear Plum"-- it's fun to see the story in the illustrations' backgrounds.

  4. Those both look like fun books!


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