May brings...

  • The May Layout-a-Day Challenge:


  • Yes, I'm doing this. I think I'm crazy.
  • The end of my Bible study (wraps up next Wednesday) and Awana for the girls (also next Wednesday) which means...
  • I'm going to start potty-training BBoo and see how it goes. She is showing DEFINITE signs of readiness so we're going to give it a go.
  • A business trip for the husband to some place up East that sounds very cool.
  • But I'm not jealous. Not really. Maybe a little bit.
  • Besides someone has to stay home to water the garden. (Oh.My.Goodness I have some fun video of garden day ... hopefully I can post it soon).
  • However, I'm getting some time with girlfriends this weekend.
  • And we're celebrating a birthday ... the big "2" for the baby next week. *sniff*

Life is good and busy and all that stuff. May actually will be my breather month before a crazy June. June is c.r.a.z.y. I may mention that again one or eleven more times. But May (besides the potty-training) will hopefully be a respite before all that. I'm hoping. :)

Happy Friday. :)


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