Friday Felicities ::: May 22


Things that make me happy...

  • a new calendar for the school year ... now I get to fill it in!

  • making a list of things that we want to do this summer ... and writing it down so we remember. :)

  • June. June is going to be good. :)

  • a day today just with my girls. We've loved having the nephew some lately and other friends over, but I'm glad it's just us today.

  • summer fruits and veggies. Yum.

  • it's a 3-day weekend ... and I just realized this. The girls will be ecstatic to have Daddy home three days in a row.

  • that God knows the outcome, even when we are in the midst of a hard decision. He knows how it will turn out, He knows that we hurt in the meantime, He knows. And I don't need to.


  1. Home grown tomatoes!!! Mine are on the vine as we speak. I love summer fruits and veggies...

  2. that third picture of the little one is so cute!

  3. Thanks for that last one. I needed to be reminded of that today.

  4. I love your entire list! Makes me happy too!

    I am anxious to flip my calendar over to June because it is gloriously EMPTY. (for now).


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