Gladitudes ... on Wednesday


I've never participated in one of Gretchen's Gladitude posts, but it sounds like just the right thing for today. :)

1. I'm glad that BBoo got a clean bill of health for her ear recheck on Monday at the Dr's office. :)

2. I'm even more glad that they are going to postpone drawing blood for another six months to check her for a thyroid issue. (Drawing blood on a 2 year old is not my favorite thing ... been there, done that). Just as an FYI, the reason they are even talking about this is because her soft spot has not closed up at two and it's still fairly large. We had the same thing with N2, but it wasn't nearly as big. They want to watch it another six months and if it's still there this fall, then we'll run a few other tests.

3. I'm glad that I didn't have to have a root canal on Monday. :) I went in prepared for it, but the dentist x-rayed, poked, and prodded and said let's wait. Okay with me!

4. I'm glad for Philippians. It seems like the verses that come to my mind the most are in that book ... I need to just memorize the whole thing. :)

5. I'm glad that we don't have any needs to leave home today. We've been doing more running than normal for my tastes and other than some videos that have to go back to the library by Friday, I don't have to go anywhere for the next three days.

6. I am glad that the bird that flew in the back door of the house yesterday flew right back out. And that it was during rest time so I was the only one that freaked out and not me + three girls.

7. I'm glad that we are getting a new movie tonight from Netflix ... my husband and I loved this movie when we saw it on Valentine's weekend. Thinking we'll enjoy it tonight after the munchkins go to bed. (Really, it's so funny and clean!). :)

I'm ending with seven, not because I can't think of more, but because I feel sure I will be joined by little ones in a few minutes. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, I'm VERY glad you didn't have a root canal. For I am in bloggy solidarity with you on that one.

  2. I am very jealous of #5. I've had to be somewhere every day for the last few weeks...and I really prefer to say home in my pjs!


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