Memorial Day Daybook

Outside my Window ... cloudy and grey but quiet since the buses and trashmen have the day off today.

I am thinking
... of the day ahead and how we really don't have anything on the agenda that we have to do. Nice. :)

I am thankful for ... a husband that helps me when the "rearrange-the-furniture-bug" hits. I had the urgent "need" to get the girls play kitchen out of their bedroom and he supplied much needed lifting and brainstorming help as we shuffled and juggled furniture. :)

In the learning room ... we're going to just read and read this week. The end is in sight of our Little House in the Prairie chapter book. Next week we are going to start a weather lapbook for the month of June.

From the kitchen ... a sketchy menu this week as I need to plan June's menu and make plans for our big grocery run.

Monday: hopefully grilling steaks (weather dependant) and baking potatoes
Tuesday: chicken of some kind, probably in the crockpot as it's our last regular dance day
Wednesday: keilbasa (maybe bbq'ed, maybe chopped up in a pasta salad), who knows? :)
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: unknown ... dependant upon my June menu :)

I am creating ... piles on my desk. Moving all the school stuff to the same shelf instead of having some of it by my desk, some by the school table, and some on other bookshelves.

I am going ... to relax today and enjoy this day off with my husband. (Or rather, enjoy his day off with him) :) instead of my usual rush to try and do-do-do because he's home.

I am wearing
... jammie pants and a t-shirt.

I am reading
... Inkdeath. Hoping to finish it soon because it's GOOD but I haven't had much time to read of late and when I do pull it out, I'm sooooo sleepy. :)

I am hoping ... in the Lord, in His strength, and His timing.

I am hearing
... little girls playing together quietly on this morning. Sweet sounds.

Around the house ... working the girls's room over some. We're planning to take down BBoo's crib in the near future. She can climb in and out with amazing agility and when I caught her standing on the rail Saturday night and flinging herself on to the mattress, that pretty much decided how soon we were moving her to a big-girl bed. Suffering a little mama-sadness as we pack up those baby things, since we don't know when we will be pulling them out again. Note to self: refer back to hoping in the Lord and His timing. :)

One of my favorite things
... listening to my girls sing. We've been learning some grace-songs to sing before meals and it makes my heart happy to listen to them and sing with them before we eat.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
weeding and watering the garden (we have radishes almost ready to pick), friends coming over to play on Tuesday and cousin Bubby over for the day on Thursday, a last dance class tomorrow, menu planning and grocery shopping, big-girl bed assembly, and the big church yard sale on Saturday. And I'm having a hard time believing that it is the end of May already.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...

A photo from my 365-photo project that I am still working on ... this is from last week. One can't water the garden without watering the children as well. :)


  1. i love hearing little children sing! it is one of the most precious sounds!


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